Your 2019 Back-to-School Agenda

Your 2019 Back-to-School Agenda

Back to School Time!

It’s that time already? Can you believe it? It is hard to imagine that school is back in session – the summer flew right by! While we shop for notebooks, loose-leaf paper, pens and pencils, backpacks and other school supplies, or sports gear, it is vital to keep in mind other aspects of our child’s life – and health. What is your back-to-school agenda for your child’s teeth and oral hygiene?

Having an agenda for your child’s oral hygiene, and dental care is even more vital if your child has undergone orthodontic treatment. More attention and time, is vital, so that his or her teeth, and mouth, stay healthy. If your child does not care for his or her mouth and teeth properly, it could result in damage.

A Guide to Keeping that Beautiful Smile

Dr. Mizell and our team want to make certain your child has the perfect agenda for going back to school and keeping up with his or her dental hygiene routine. Taking care of one’s mouth and teeth is vital, regardless of whether orthodontic treatment has taken place or not – however, even more important if your child has undergone orthodontic treatments.

If you and your son or daughter follow the following suggestions, you can rest assured that your young one will keep his or her beautiful smile, from now and throughout the entire school season!

Two and Two Equal a Beautiful Smile and Healthy Mouth

This technique is an easy and fun way to get your child engaged in proper teeth and mouth care. Remind him or her to 1) Brush his or her teeth and mouth at least two times each day and 2) Brush his or her teeth for two minutes every time he or she brushes.

Brushing before bedtime is vital too, because particles of food and bacteria could be in the mouth and on the teeth, which could cause decaying to begin during the night.

Flossing is equally vital. This process helps the gums stay healthier. If your child likes to brush and floss more often, that is great! Another way to encourage proper oral hygiene is by showing your child pictures of someone’s teeth where the person failed to floss and brush enough – like pictures of stained or cracked/rotted teeth, for example.

Visit Dr. Mike Mizell as Recommended

We realize how busy life can get, especially once school starts again. Even though life gets busier in the Fall, it is still vital to keep up with oral hygiene and recommended dental visits. We recommend scheduling an appointment for your child at least two times annually. Professional dental exams and cleaning will guarantee healthier teeth, gums and mouth.

Your general dentist can also answer any questions or concerns you or your child might have when you visit. In addition to that and your child’s exam/cleaning, we can make suggestions to help your child brush and floss more, if necessary.

If your child has braces, it is even more important to keep the mouth, teeth and gums clean and healthy. More food could get stuck under braces, and bacteria might grow more in such places.

Pack a Dental-Braces Care Kit

Keeping adequate oral hygiene, with Invisalign or regular braces, while your child is in school is very important. If he or she has a dental-braces care kit with him or her, one that fits easily in a school locker, it will be easier to maintain proper oral hygiene. Here is what we recommend putting in the kit:

Tooth Paste
Tooth Brush
Dental Floss
Small Mirror
Aligner Case (If in Invisalign)
Orthodontic Wax
Elastics for Braces (if this is part of your child’s treatment)

Having this kit close by will help your child keep his or her mouth, teeth and gums clean during school hours, particularly after breaks where some kids usually eat a snack, and after lunchtime.

Take a Water Bottle to School

Taking a water bottle to school is a great way to keep teeth clean, and it can help your child stay hydrated. Drinking water can help rinse food particles off the teeth, especially pieces that might get stuck under braces. Water additionally might help neutralize buildup of bacteria and acids, which helps keep the mouth and gums healthier too.

It is additionally vital to eat healthier foods and to drink healthier drinks. Some juices, soft drinks, and sports drinks might have too much acid or sugar in them, which could cause tooth decay.

Healthier Meals at School

You might want to look at each week’s menu at your child’s school, to see what kinds of foods and beverages are on the menu. You can decide what is a healthier choice for your child and determine which meals are orthodontic friendly and healthier. Some excellent alternatives might be:

Cooked veggies
Lean meats
Spaghetti, macaroni, and other pastas
Baked or mashed potatoes
Regular yogurt

Foods your child may want to avoid eating, especially when wearing braces, are:

Crunchy foods
Sticky foods
Chewy foods
Hard foods

Such foods could damage his or her braces, which could mean more visits to the Orthodontist and additional expenses. If you notice the menu is not as healthy as you would like, pack your child a healthy lunch, with foods and beverages that will help him or her keep up with proper oral hygiene.

Protecting Your Child’s Beautiful Smile

If your child is on a sports team, it is vital that he or she wears a mouth guard to protect his or her teeth and beautiful smile. No matter which sport your youngster plays – baseball, soccer, basketball, football, etc. – a mouthguard can protect the mouth, teeth, and jaws, and it will protect his or her braces as well. That is very important.

If your youngster already had a mouthguard before getting braces, the mouthguard probably needs to be refitted and adjusted, particularly if it was made from a mold. We may even recommend an orthodontic mouthguard instead. Keeping your child’s teeth safeguarded is very important to Dr. Mizell and our team.

School is Upon Us Already, Get Ready!

Here, at Dr. Mike Mizell Orthodontics, we want your child to have the best orthodontic experience and service. We also hope his or her back-to-school transition goes smoothly! We wish you and you’re children the best of luck for the 2019-2020 school year, and we are here to help with that and with helping your child maintain proper dental care – whether he or she wears braces or not.

Contact us any time at 713-781-5548 with questions, concerns, and to schedule your next appointment or your first consultation – a complimentary consultation. If you’d like us to give you a call directly, simply fill out the form below.

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