How Visiting Your Orthodontist Can Help You Sleep Better

How Visiting Your Orthodontist Can Help You Sleep Better

How Visiting Your Orthodontist Can Help You Sleep Better

There is no denying that getting a sufficient amount of rest is an important part of life. In fact, the benefits are far-reaching because not getting enough sleep can impact your health. It can even hinder your overall wellness and quality of life. The amount of sleep you get is directly linked to the amount of energy you have during the day. As it turns out, there are many oral health issues that can hinder your ability to get a good night’s rest. These issues are why it’s so important to visit an orthodontist.

To some degree, stress is a natural part of life. However, the issue that often arises is ongoing stress that ends up creating serious problems. While periodic stress is understandable, long-term stress can cause you to suffer in ways that you may not understand. It’s an issue that millions of people around the world face. Stress can deteriorate your quality of sleep and result in the development of issues like sleep apnea and Bruxism.

Bruxism is a condition that results in the involuntary grinding of your teeth while sleeping. You will also clench your jaw if you have Bruxism. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what’s happening or why they wake up in the morning with headaches and soreness in the jaw area. Other symptoms of Bruxism include tension, anxiety, depression, earaches, migraines, neck pain and insomnia. The reason why a person with Bruxism will have poor quality rest is because the noises caused by teeth grinding will impact rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is an important phase in the overall sleep cycle. An interference in the sleep cycle is problematic for your overall health. If you have ever experienced these issues, an Orthodontist can help to pinpoint the problem. This is something that should not be ignored because it also has the potential to cause real damage to your teeth.

Sleep apnea is also a serious condition that results from not being able to breathe properly. Sleep apnea is marked by an obstructed airway and there’s often a problem with the respiratory center of the brain. It can cause you to snore at night and wake up in the morning not feeling well-rested. People that deal with sleep apnea often experience fatigue throughout the day and are unable to find the root of the problem. It can also cause issues with concentrating and decrease your short-term memory. Sleep apnea can also be diagnosed by an orthodontist and treated so that you are able to get more rest. Sometimes sleep apnea can be treated with affordable over the counter medication.

Another reason why it’s important to see Dr. Mizell, an orthodontic specialist, is because misaligned teeth drastically raise the chances of developing Bruxism. An experienced orthodontic professional can identify the problem and develop a plan of care for eliminating the condition. Given the potential issues linked to Bruxism and sleep apnea, it’s worth the time and effort to have these conditions properly diagnosed and treated. If you have issues with sleeping and you don’t feel well rested in the mornings, contact your orthodontist for an appointment to share what’s been happening. You deserve to sleep and live well. If the solution is to get braces, there are a lot of options.

Innovations and new technologies in the area of orthodontia have changed the game. No longer do patients have to deal with the discomfort and pain of past methods used. The best part is that you can also improve your smile while resolving the deeper issues associated with Bruxism or sleep apnea.

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