Brace for a Boost to Psychological Health through Orthodontic Treatment

Brace for a Boost to Psychological Health through Orthodontic Treatment

Can wearing braces really have a positive effect on mental well-being?

When it comes to the world of orthodontics, there is rarely anything that patients look forward to. Let’s face it, these procedures are at best a persistent annoyance. While it’s easy to list all the negatives associated with orthodontic treatment, it’s also essential to note the many benefits treatment brings to one’s psychological health. A great smile is a gateway to confidence. A person’s unhappiness with their smile can lead to serious self-esteem issues. Let’s face it, the world is a tough enough place to maneuver without the added burden of having to cover up a smile.

A strong sense of self-confidence is especially important during the teenage years. Teens are under a lot of pressure trying to figure out where they fit in. There is a lot of judgement going on and, like it or not, a huge emphasis is placed on looks. As much as parents would like to be able to be the foundation of their child’s confidence, this just isn’t the reality. Peers play a tremendous role in building or breaking one’s feelings about themselves. Considering that more than 80% of teens are in need of some type of orthodontic device, the opportunity for teens to find something in common with each other arises.

This is not to say there isn’t a place for parental support throughout the orthodontic treatment process. Even before braces, parents can help their children by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Mike Mizell, an Orthodontist Specialist in Houston. He will be able to give up-to-date information on brackets and treatment options. Putting a game plan in place can make all the difference in a successful treatment journey.

Teens and youngsters don’t have a monopoly on the orthodontic market. Adults are increasingly seeking help for a variety of reasons. Many do come to help straighten their smiles and finally gain the self-confidence they have been lacking their whole life. Others come seeking relief from medical issues such as shoulder and neck pain, TMD and migraines. The general consensus among those who have gone through treatment is overwhelmingly positive. The feel more alive, strong and ready to take on the world. They just can’t stop themselves from flashing their dazzling smiles to everyone. The relief from pain also has a transforming effect on every facet of their lives.

The way we look and feel about our appearance has an enormous impact in our day-to-day lives. Correction of orthodontic issues gives patients a sense of self-esteem they have never felt before. This carries over to all areas and allows them to not only go after, but to achieve greatness. Houston Orthodontist, Dr. Mike Mizell can help patients discover their path to a beautiful smile faster and with less pain than other orthodontic treatment systems.

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