Planning for the holidays while wearing Invisalign

Planning for the holidays while wearing Invisalign

Planning for the holidays means preparing to be busier than usual. There will be dinner plans to make, family members and loved ones to spend time with and a very large amount of shopping to get done as quickly and efficiently as you can. Because of how busy this time of year tends to get, it is especially important to keep up with everything you need to keep your dental health optimal. This means taking additional steps to optimize how you use your aligners. If you feel as though you will be struggling to keep up with them this holiday season, keep some of these tips in mind to improve your practice with your aligners.

Wear Them Regularly Every Day

Perhaps the most important thing that you can do with your aligners is make sure that you are wearing them as often as you are supposed to. The American Dental Association has stated that the best way to wear Invisalign aligners is to have them on for most of the day, ranging from 20 to 22 hours. If you feel as though you are forgetting to wear them because of the holiday rush, however, it can be a good idea to set cell phone reminders to keep your hours up. When you neglect wearing your aligners, you may interfere with the long-term straightening of your teeth. This can result in even more discomfort into the process.

Keep the Storage Case With You

One of the most important things that you can do to prevent your aligners from getting lost is keeping your storage case with you. This is especially vital when you take your aligners out to eat and drink. Something that many people do is just leave their aligners in a napkin, but it can be dangerous to keep them there because they may end up thrown away with other napkins. Bring your case with you and remember to put your aligners away to reduce the risk of losing them after you are done at the table.

Always Brush and Floss Often

It is critical for you to keep up with your flossing and brushing regimen. This means not only brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at night, but also taking the time to floss and brush after your meals too. This can be important because you are preventing bacteria from collecting in your mouth and growing in an enclosed space with the aligners. With so much eating and drinking that you are going to be doing at parties and family gatherings, it is always vital to be responsible with the care of your mouth. Keeping mouthwash with you can be another good way to keep your teeth safe.

Remove Aligners Before Drinking

When you remove your aligners before you have beverages, you actually stand a better chance of preventing discomfort to your teeth and reducing structural issues with your aligners. Hot liquids especially can run the risk of causing teeth sensitivity issues and warping the shape of your aligners if you do not take them off. During the holidays, anything from hot coffee to tea can start to have a negative effect on your aligners, so be sure to remove them before drinking and do not forget to put them back on after you brush your teeth. This basic safety precaution can allow you to save on replacements in the future.

Speaking with Dr. Mike Mizell will allow you to look into even more conducive practices. Plan ahead for your needs, and be sure to work with reminders to reduce your risk of skipping out on proper alignment procedures.

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